2016 in review

2016. The first half of the year was spent in tropical Singapore, knowing that our time in Asia was soon coming to a close. Most of my days were filled with yoga; practicing with friend and teacher Jacqueline, out on the East Coast with Anjani, and Peter Thomson when he was in town from Australia. Yoga practice was nourished but so were spirits, for class was almost always followed by coffee and/or a delicious dosa with fellow kindred yogis. This is by far what made my time in Singapore special. Abhijata Iyengar visited Singapore en route to Malaysia and the Iyengar Yoga community was blessed to have shared dinner with her and a last minute class.

After a bit of a struggle in 2015 to get my work pass, I was so happy to have spent time teaching for Ziva Yoga, Vivian Salim’s Yoga in Common, and at UWC international school; seeing student’s practices evolve is always encouraging. In 2016, Singapore Yoga Teacher Sangha continued to be a place for yoga teachers to learn from one another and inspire thoughtful conversation. I was happy to have started this group and happy to have passed it on when I left Asia.

We also loved being part of the UHC community and getting to know Rabbi Nathan Alfred. Eric cooked Jewish soul food and we hosted dinners at our house, attended monthly Shabbat service, and other community events. As a shiksa outsider, I couldn’t have felt more welcome or included. These were friends it was hard to say goodbye to as well.

Although we built a beautiful life in Singapore we were both eager to return home to the US and New York City. George and Boo flew home with us at the very end of June. George tasted his first pastrami sandwich and has been enjoying daily long walks in Central Park with Eric. Boo is perhaps mourning the days spent in her tropical garden and under warm cars in front of the house but has grown into a very adaptable adult kitty who travels with ease. Sweetest moments are when the two of them join Eric and I snuggled in bed. Warm feet and warm hearts. 👣🐾

Living in Midtown Manhattan took some getting used to but Eric and I embraced this chaotic neighborhood as best we could by seeing A LOT of theater, including Hamilton during the highest grossing week in Broadway history (ya know, that week after that speech aimed at Mike Pence). It was worth ALL the hype and will be remembered as a masterpiece of our generation. It’s exciting to be living in a creatively rich city once again.

My morning commute breakfast swapped Bao for Bagel and bag-o-coffee for a paper cup on the subway. I’ve been enjoying work-study at the Iyengar Institute in New York; which includes lots of organizing, boutique beautifying, data entry, and envelope stuffing. I managed Alison West’s Yoga Union for about two months while they were in between permanent studio managers. While there, I found Amy Matthews Embodied Asana class. Paired with a lot of Iyengar Yoga my practice is feeling strong, steady, and inspired. I was happy to return to teaching for both Paula Tursi’s Reflections Yoga and Jennifer Brilliant as I enter my second decade of teaching yoga.

It was lovely to spend time this summer with family out on Fire Island and traveling up to Brant Lake as well as chosen family whose connection never dims regardless of time or distance. There is this wonderful bittersweet thing that happens when you build lasting relationships around the world; you are always surrounded by love but always missing those who are further away. 2016 was a hard year but also a year that taught us how strong and resilient we really are. Hoping this message reaches across that web and touches you all with a light-filled hug as we cross into a new year and are revitalized with the feelings of a fresh start and clean slate.

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