George Fang’s Great Outdoor Adventure

George Fang’s great adventures.

Eric picked me up from the train yesterday in Patterson and George came along in the car. When we got back to the house Eric stayed outside so that George could run around a bit in the backyard with his cousin-dog, Bodhi. He will often chase after something in the woods, be gone for about 10 minutes, and then circle back to the house but last night he did not.

We spent hours walking and driving around the neighborhood calling his name and whistling out for him. Eric pushed his way through the burr and thorn filled brambles behind the house looking for him and walked about a miles-length of the MetroNorth train tracks, leaving him cut-up along his ankles and face . Our minds went to the most gruesome possibilities of what could have possibly happened: attacked by a pack of coyotes, dangling on a branch from his harness, or in a ditch with broken bones and suffering. We kept hoping that each time we circled back to the house he would be there with a mischievous shit-eating grin on his face but he was not.

After about three and a half hours we went inside to warm up. The darkness of night had set in, we were discouraged, and our hearts were broken into a million pieces. I worked on a flyer to distribute to the neighbors in the morning and we decided to rest and continue the search at first light.

Eric’s sister Emily and her husband Harrison came back from dinner in the city. They quickly changed and went out to search with a stinky bag of tuna in hand. Eric and I cried. After no luck by foot they took the car out and drove toward the trail-heads that George and I have recently been hiking on and on a dark side street they both see a “prancing” black shadow. They ring us up and we meet them. In the mean time they think they saw him again and noticed a little reflection off his harness. They think he’s run into a field near a horse farm but he won’t come to them. We grab the bag of tuna and call for him. Straight away he runs to us with a energetic wagging tail and I clip a leash to his harness. We give him tuna and hugs and tell him we love him. We tell him we were so worried and to never do this again. We all hug one another. He is completely uninjured and doesn’t even seem to be cold after six hours of being outside. He does smell of horse poo though so when we get home he gets bath. He eats lots of food and drinks lots of water and then puts himself to bed and sleeps deeply for twelve hours.

My goodness how these animals and crawl right into your heart! Bad dog! and I love you so much it hurts.

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