About LisaDevi

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying we’re not ready. The challenge will not wait.”
-Paulo Coelho

About every twenty-nine years the planet Saturn returns to the position that it was in at the moment of your birth and life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change. On the other side of the return you emerge as a new and hopefully improved version of yourself.

At twenty-one years old, after graduating college in Philadelphia, I moved to NYC to pursue a career in dance and I swiftly found happiness teaching Yoga instead (LisaDevi.com for more on the yoga). For seven years I taught Yoga and happily buzzed within the creative and inspired melting pot that is New York City.

As the time of my Saturn Return approached I wondered what the stars had in store for me… Would I walk a little further along the road to becoming a midwife or herbalist? Could I possibly be on the brink of becoming a yoga super-star (whatever that means)? Was it time to get my masters degree? Would I finally drop everything and relocate to Boulder, Colorado or should I just move to India and subscribe to the life of an ascetic yogi?

And then Saturn clicked into place!

lisa in HKIn 2013 I found myself falling in love, getting married, and moving to Hong Kong with my cat Boo and new husband for his new job all within a year’s time. As Eric settled into his new position at work I began teaching yoga around Hong Kong. We adopted one more furry member into our family: a sweet HK rescue dog whom we’ve named George Fang. We’ve traveled to Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, MacauBali, India, Malaysia, Australia, and Burma and I’ve shared many of those stories, as well as snippets of our expat life, right here on this blog.

singapore botanic gardens yoga lisa kazmer lisadeviIn 2014 the job moved us again. This time to Singapore, right on the equator and at the very center of Southeast Asia. In a land without four seasons to mark the passing of time, two years passed quickly. I continued to teach yoga and I was grateful for the opportunity to study with Geeta Iyengar twice in Pune, India during this time.

In June 2016 we returned to the US — it was time to reconnect with friends, family, and the comforts of home. It was time to grow where we were originally planted. We will continue to travel, explore, and discover but with the home base of the best city in the world – New York.

On The Road Jack Kerouac Travel and Write #LisaDeviAdventures

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