5 Yoga Poses for a Healthy Airport Layover

Healthy Airport Layover5 Yoga Poses for a Healthy Airport Layover:

  1. Ankle to Knee, seated variation- Stretches the hips and brings circulation to the legs and pelvis as well as length to the low back after long flights.
  2. Tadasana with Namaste- Feel your feet rooted firmly on the earth on which you have landed and take a moment of gratitude.
  3. Triangle Pose- Opens the hammies and the heart. Gets energy moving to the limbs.
  4. Revolved Lunge- Keeps spine feeling good and aids digestion.
  5. Down Dog- Stretches the spine & legs. The head is below the heart in this pose bringing mental clarity and keeping you feeling fresh.

Drink lots of water! Healthy and Happy Journeys!


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