International House Hunters

amalfi poolLast Friday and Saturday we got “oriented”… pressed our pointer fingers to the far edge of our eyes and spread till it stuck that way. No, no just kidding. The relocation team introduced us to a map of Hong Kong and we began looking for an apartment.

Neighborhood impressions in terms of house-hunting:

  • Mid-levels: Felt crowded and impersonal. Massive apartment blocks with unimpressive efficiency for our price range. Yes, it’s close to the restaurants and activity of Central but it wasn’t for us.
  • Happy Valley: By the racetrack. A nice mix of locals and expats. Buildings were low-rise and apartments were perfectly nice. Nothing that wow’ed us!
  • Repulse Bay: Oh so pretty! This neighborhood feels like you are in a sleepy beach town tucked into a mountain. But the affordable apartments in the area weren’t so great. Must go back for the beaches though!
  • Causeway Bay: The apartment we saw was on the 42nd floor with a nice view of the mountains and the sea. It was my favorite from the first day’s hunt.
  • Discovery Bay on Lantau Island: We met our dream home! It is very auspiciously placed between Disneyland HK and the biggest Buddha in Asia. It’s in a brand new building, with a beautiful swimming pool, and view of the sea. A bright and shiny 3-bedroom apartment with an oven (rare find here) and tub! It’s walking distance to the beach. Pet friendly area with no cars, only bikes, golf carts, and buses for public transportation. We take a ferry to get to Hong Kong Island. It’s like living at a resort! We saw a lot of good apartments here and were considering an older three-store townhouse style apartment with good outdoor space but it didn’t give us that same sparkling feeling of the apartment we settled on. We put the deposit down on the apartment today! We will move in on the 21st of October. Jaya!

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