pack light. travel far.

1234152_703267499697_1525588286_nIt is Thursday. I am moving to Hong Kong on Sunday. It’s Thursday and I’m moving to Hong Kong Sunday! What!?

Four wonderful Guatemalan men have been in the apartment since 9am carefully packing up life as we know it. We sure have a lot of stuff tucked into this one bedroom apartment! “It’s like living on a ship” Eric says, “everything has it’s place. That’s what you have to do in NY”. Last night, we packed up the bags which we will fly with. We will live out of these bags in temporary housing for the next forty to fifty days while our “slow boat to China” makes it’s way across the sea. All of those normal “did I forget to pack that?” urges are magnified as they pack with a rapid professionalism. “Did I put my passport in my purse?!” (Yes, you checked that five times yesterday) “Baby, do you still have Boo’s immigration papers in your briefcase?” (Yes, they’ve been there for weeks). Phew! As the boxes stack along the walls and in the hallway, it’s actually reassuring to see them accumulate next to the mire six bags and cat kennel that we will be carrying with us by air. How much do you really need in life? Some clothes, some shoes, a yoga mat, and a few beautiful things around you to inspire and help things feel “like home”. We will live in a hotel for the next three nights in NY, in that time say our final goodbyes and enjoy everything that makes New York City so fabulous. Hong Kong, we will see you soon!

One thought on “pack light. travel far.

  1. Hey! I recently moved from the UK to the US and know exactly how you feel! I remember packing my suitcases for the flight and the guys coming in to pack up the apartment hoping I’d packed the right things in the right places!! It seems a world away now and we’re enjoying every minute of our adventure!! Have a safe trip!!

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