Yoga, Change & Keeping the Faith

Lisa Devi Fall BackVinyasa Yoga teaches us to move from one pose to the next with grace and ease. Step by step, we pay attention to the transition as well as the posture itself. We often start this practice by sitting quietly and watching the breath as it moves in and out, ever changing. When we sit in meditation, we watch the mind’s fluctuations and keep gently turning our attention toward a one-pointed focus. All of these practices are aiming to teach us steadiness of Self through change, which is an inevitable part of life. Steadiness through change… it’s fun, in theory. As I walk around New York City these days, my impending move to Hong Kong is encouraging me to notice the lovely details and that make this city so wonderful. As if snapshots of sensation could be preserved for travel; savoring a NY bagel, the smell emanating from a Nuts4Nuts cart in midtown, gazing upon the city skyline, and that simple feeling of comfort in being in a familiar place. Steadiness through steadiness. I believe successful travel refreshes our ability to notice our surroundings, witness our responses, and experience life in a more authentic way. Perhaps preparations for travel can offer something similar. These experiences encourage our own perspective to mature and as a result our understanding deepens. So when we get on the yoga mat are we being adventurous? When’s the last time you took a different route into a familiar yoga posture or set your gaze somewhere new? Really explored what depths the breath may be able to discover? Or rolled out your mat in a new spot in the room! (gasp!) ? Class can be an epic journey in and of itself.

Sunday, September 15th 2013 will be my very last class in NYC (for now). It will be a delicious 2-hour class and you are all invited! Till then, visit for the latest events and schedule and keep checking in on the journey here at my blog LisaDeviAdventures.


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